Monday, December 29, 2014

PM#390 New Years--Removing Deep Hurt Hebrews 12 verse 15

New Years - Removing Deep Hurt
Heb 12: 15

As we approach this New Year, we do so with everything that has happened to us, whether good or bad.  Unfortunately some of the bad issues may have deeply disturbed us and could influence how we respond to others.

We can chose whether to go into the New Year carrying hurt from those issues or giving them to the Lord and forgiving what happened.  Forgiveness frees us, so we can move forward.

If we do not forgive, that hurt can turn to bitterness (Heb 12: 15) and cause a critical spirit to rise up making things worse for us and others in the coming year.  Most of us really don’t want that.  The best way to keep that critical spirit from developing is to remove that hurt by forgiving.

Perhaps we should consider this prayer of forgiveness:  Father, last year, I experienced deep hurts that I have not forgiven.  I choose to forgive them now.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Reflection Questions:

Forgiveness is important—why might lack of forgiveness give opportunity for a critical spirit to take root and affect us?

Did Christ consider forgiveness important?  See Matthew 6:14-15.

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