Friday, January 6, 2012

Muddied Waters

Based on James 1:4    If any man lack wisdom let Him ask of God.

Have you ever felt the waters around you are muddied to the point where you do cannot see dangers like rocks or sand bars threatening to damage you ship?

Probably most of us have had that happen to us one time or another.  Those are times when we need to focus on Christ through His word.  There is much wisdom and guidance to be found in His word, which is written in the Bible.  Through studying the word and letting it help us develop a close personal relationship with Christ, we will find that He can guide us through those muddied waters, safely. 

Take time to talk with the Lord about your situation through prayer, and search the scriptures.  There is much wisdom and help in God’s Word.

Consider this prayer:  ‘Father, I need your help in this difficult situation.  The waters are muddied and I can’t see dangers ahead.  Please Guide me,  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.’

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