Monday, November 17, 2008

Prayer for Pastors' Families


I Thes 5:25

I would like to ask a question. Did you ever think you pastor and his family needs prayer? We expect them to be praying for us. Shouldn’t we be praying for them?

Many things occur in their family that often times they are hidden, and he doesn’t want people to know what is happening. Many pastors feel they have to put on an image are a front that all is well. In reality, they have troubles and trials just like you and I. They need your prayers of protection for their family, and your prayers for your pastor really do help him in his home life and subsequently his ministry.

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I ask you to help us lift up our pastors, and their families before you. May they know your presence and peace.

Intercession for Pastors


It has been stated that the most under-utilized source of spiritual power in our church today is intercession (or Prayer) for our church leaders.

I have asked the question, a very serious question. How many pastors would still be in ministry if someone had been praying for them? There is a sad truth that many have very little or no prayer support at all.

There is a need to pray and we must seize the moment and determine that we are going to pray for our spiritual leaders.

Father, from this day forth, may we be faithful in praying for our pastors and spiritual leaders. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

Praying for Your Pastor-Personal Needs


Believe it or not, your pastor has needs just like you. They also have needs that must be met so they can minister.

One need is for wisdom. Another need is for humility. The Lord wants us to have a humble heart. Humility includes having a servant’s heart, being obedient to the word, sensitive to sin, and quick to confess sin.

Another need is to for him to live a Spirit filled life. The fruits of love, joy, and peace will sustain him and help him in his ministry.

Don't forget to pray for health. Is 53:5 says "by His stripes we are healed." You could pray for health and stamina for your pastor. There are other needs to pray for, and if you ask God, He will show you from His word what to pray.

Father, help us to lift our pastor up and bless him as we pray for him. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Praying for Your Pastor-Relationship with God and Protection


II Thes 3:1

Did you think to pray for your pastor today?

Pastors in order to minister need encouragement in their relationship with the Lord. Your prayers are vital to this relationship. Here are some areas to pray about. They need your prayers for integrity to avoid temptation. The Lord's Prayer says 'deliver us from evil'. They need your prayers so they can have time alone with God. They need your prayers that someone will help them be accountable.

Father, it is precious to you when we lift our pastor in prayer to you. Encourage us to be faithful in prayer for our pastor. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Prayer for Your Pastor-Protection


Ez 22:30

Ever feel like you have encountered a road block, especially when you’ve been involved in God’s work?

Any time someone is moving forward for God, Satan takes notice and tries to stop it. He especially likes to stop pastors and they are not immune. They are high on Satan's attack list.

To overcome these roadblocks, a pastor needs to walk daily close to the Lord and he needs a hedge of protection around him. The prayers of his congregation can help remove many road blocks that he may face. As they continue in prayer for your pastor, they are standing in the gap (Ez 22:30) for him, providing needed protection for their pastor.

Father, guide us as we protect our pastor through prayer. In Jesus’ name, amen