Sunday, July 29, 2012

PM#0505 Praying Together

Praying Together
Matt 18:19-20

When problems come up, who do we call for help?  If it is electrical—how about an electrician, or an issue with your car, how about a mechanic.  But many would say I would rather fix it myself. 

That last statement is true for many of us.  However many professionals often spot home jobs very quickly especially when they are not well done.   When it comes to prayer, many of us go to the Lord alone in prayer. 

I believe Jesus knew many would do that, and it may be one reason He taught his disciples to pray-together.  In Matthew 18:19-20, He instructs us to pray-together.  When we do, He will join us.  Praying-together is very important.

Take time to examine how you respond to praying with others. Then, consider, this simple thought—If Jesus taught that we should, it just might work. 

Consider this prayer:  ‘Father, help me to start praying-together with others. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Encouraging Others

Judges 5, Heb 3:13

Have you ever felt like friends abandon you at times?  I believe all of us would have to answer yes to that question.

Many may recall needing help with a dream.

In Judges chapter 5 we have accounts of some of the tribes of Israel not answering a call from the Lord to join in battle.  Read that chapter and ask—are we like that when it comes to helping a friend pursue a vision that they have from the Lord?

That is a deep question, and for many of us, we may not want to answer it.  If we find ourselves in that situation, own up to it, and ask the Lord for forgiveness, then take steps to start helping others.  The Bible does say to encourage one another daily.  Heb 3:13.

Consider this prayer:  Father I have not encouraged others. I ask for forgiveness and your help to encourage others starting today.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

PM#0503 Issues and Problems

Issues and Problems
Matthew 6:33

Did you know many of the issues and problems we face may be because we have not inquired of the Lord?  That’s a heavy thought.  I know many will say—I evaluated all the facets and used best judgment and common sense. Shouldn’t that be adequate to keep issues from coming up? 

Frankly—that might help, but when we involve the Lord and seek His wisdom, we have His help.  Matthew 6:33 says to “seek first the Kingdom of God”.  Many other verses in the Bible encourage us to seek God’s wisdom. 

I have seen others say—why are bad things happening to me?  I do not deserve them.  I have also observed that they are not seeking the Lord’s help and obeying His word.

Perhaps we can start inquiring of the Lord by praying a simple prayer.  ‘Father, you know the issues I face.  I ask your guidance, in Jesus, Name, Amen.’

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Burried Issues in Our ife

Matthew 6:12

If you are like many of us, if we could do somethings over again, we would probably make some positive change. Unfortunately, what is past is like a spent arrow.  Those issues can not be redone.

That thought could lead to despair, but when we invite God’s help, there is something that we can do.  That something is to forgive. Forgiveness includes not only forgiving someone else, but it includes forgiving ourselves.  Forgiving ourselves is difficult because we often feel guilty about what happened.

Taking the step of forgiving, opens the door to God’s help to us.  God wants us to bring those buried issues in our life to Him, and to forgive all those involved, including ourselves.  We can do this in prayer.

Consider a prayer like this:  Father, help me to bring the buried issues in my life to you and to forgive.  Help me to make things right.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

PM#0501 Lord, What is on Your Heart?

Lord, What is on Your Heart?

How often do we just start praying, but the prayer is just requests to the Lord?  Such a prayer may well be needed, but are we allowing enough time to ask the Lord, What is on His Heart?

We are so rushed, so busy, that prayer is often sandwiched in.  It is good that we may stop and pray a brief prayer, but it is sad that time may not allow us to ask the Lord, what is on His Heart and actually listen to Him.

Perhaps we need to slow down as an old poem stated,

Slow me down Lord, I’m a going to fast,
I can’t see by brother when he’s going past.
I miss a lot of good things day by day.
Slow me down Lord, I’m a going to fast.

Think about that poem, and consider this prayer:  ‘Lord, help me to slow down, so I can hear what is on Your Heart.’  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.