Monday, June 23, 2014

PM#-546 Praying From God's Perspective

I John 4:8
Praying from God’s Perspective?

When we pray—are we trying to control the outcome through our prayers?

Are we asking God to fix our problems when we pray?  God is interested in what concerns us, but He also wants us to develop a personal relationship with Him.  That relationship involves giving praise to God, which includes the character of God, His Holy undefiled Love.  See I John 4 vs 8.    Praising to God opens the door to building a relationship with God, and to know His presence.  The guidance we receive through that relationship, helps us to align our prayers with God’s word and His perspective rather than our own perspective.

Consider this prayer, Father, help me to give you praise for who you are, as I pray.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 


If you have experience the Lord’s presence during a time of prayer—what change has it brought?

Why is it important to align ourselves with God’s word and His perspective when we pray? 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

PM#0205 Preparing the Soil...

Preparing the Soil

A farmer knows of the hard work that is done before a harvest.  It starts with preparing soil, and planting it.  If the soil is not prepared, precious seed may be lost and may not even grow.

To reach people for the Lord Jesus Christ, there is much preparatory work to be done so that people will be ready to hear and accept God’s word for them. This preparatory work starts with prayer, asking God’s help in preparing people’s hearts to be ready to receive God’s word and to respond to His Love. 

If your desire is to reach people for Christ, then join with me in this prayer.

Father, we ask you to go before us, preparing hearts to receive your word.  Help us to show your love to them.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Why is it important for hearts to be prepared to hear God’s word?

Why is prayer important for people to be able to respond to God’s live?

If you have experienced a time where someone responded to God’s love, because someone prayed, please share a few words about it. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

PM#0029 Couples Praying Together Matthew 18:29

Couples Praying Together
Matthew 18:29

If you wanted to get rid of divorce, how would you do it?  It seems that divorce is here to stay.  But there is a way that can reduce the probability of it.  That way is for a couple to pray together.

What does praying together do?  Praying together invites God into a marriage and it brings his power to help us to love, and it also helps us heal where it is needed.  Praying together can also remove barriers of communication with our spouse, with the result of a couple growing together, and a deepening of our spiritual lives together.

When you start praying with your spouse, let God perform a work in both of your hearts, and to start, consider this prayer of our spiritual lives together.

Father, help us to invite you into our marriage that we may grow together.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

What Can Happen When a Couple Prays Together?


Have you ever thought that prayer could make such a difference in a marriage?

Is it prayer, or the invite of God’s presence that makes a difference?
       Read Matthew 18:20

Ok—we have invited God to be present—now what?  Consider learning to listen to your heart as the Lord moves.  Remember, if God is present, His Holy Spirit will speak to both of you—Are you ready to really listen to Him?  Those who have listened will testify to the difference it makes.

Perhaps someone might be brave enough to share what God has done in their marriage, when they have invited Him in and learned to listen to the Holy Spirit speaking to their hearts.