Friday, September 13, 2013

PM#0324 God's Help in Raising Children Prov 3 vs 5

Prov 3:5
God’s Help in Raising Children

There is probably not a parent around who has not experienced a child having a strong will.  Sometimes we look at a strong willed child at first as cute, but if that strong will continues and left unchecked, it could lead a child down the wrong path, and that path can have disastrous consequences.

What are we to do?  Probably the best place is to seek God’s help through prayer and not lean on our own understanding (Prov 3:5).  This invites God’s involvement and help in our family.  In addition to asking in prayer for that help, we should diligent learn what God’s word says and how it applies to raising children.  God’s word is a powerful help in guiding our activities and our prayers.

Father, may Your word teach us how to protect our children through prayer and guide our actions in raising them.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Reflection Questions:

Why should we take time to learn what God’s word says when we ask for help from God?

Why is God’s word a powerful help in guiding our activities and our prayers?

Why is it important to have God’s help in raising children?