Sunday, May 10, 2015

PM#0415 Encouraging Others Heb 3:13


Encouraging Others
Heb 3:13

Occasionally you come across a person who does not come to church functions.  That person is very out going. 

Do you know someone like this?   All too often our judgment is that they need to show hospitality—after all he who would have friends should show himself friendly.  That’s in the Bible.

However does that judgment really address the person’s need? Somewhere there is a deep hurt—a relational hurt—something that has been unresolved for many years.  This is characteristic of people who have a reflective nature.

The Bible says in Heb 3:13 to encourage ‘one another daily’. 

If we need help to obey the scriptures in cases like this, we can ask for it in prayer.  Consider this prayer:  Father, I have judged a fellow Christian and not encouraged them.  I ask for forgiveness and your help to be able to encourage them.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

The above meditation focuses on how we respond and encourage.  

A thought about encouragement—How should it be done?  Perhaps we need to ask ourselves—what is our first reaction?  Is it one of a type of judgment—yet we think the judgment will help?—That is an interesting question but one we need to be honest about.  In reality, judgment does not encourage.  It may correct—but it rarely is an encouragement.  

That brings us to encouragement-that is taking the time to listen to the other person—finding out who they are and their interests.  When one does that, you may find out what their real needs are and then can work to encourage them.