Saturday, October 25, 2008

Praying for Others


Romans 8:34

When we pray to God on behalf of someone else, this is called intercession. Did you know that Christ prays on our behalf and He was and still is an intercessor. Romans 8:34 says "It is Christ that who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us"

There are many following of prayer for others. I would like you to think about this that there are people who follow Christ’s example in prayer for others. Here are a few examples. Mothers frequently pray for their children. We often pray for others in crisis. At other times we join in prayer for needs in church. The Bible says in Col 4:2 ‘to continue in prayer.’

Our prayers do make a difference in others. When we see answers to prayer we are encouraged

Father, help us to pray even more for others, In Jesus’ Name, amen.

Praying for the Church-Worship


John 12:32

Many of us come to a worship service, but have we ever prayed ahead of time before we get there?

If you are like me, I would have to answer I didn’t pray much for the service ahead of time. I carried a lot of problems with me and was not really able to enter into worship.

Real worship involves giving our love to the Lord, but being preoccupied with problems can block worship. Our prayer for a worship service can open the door for the Lord to help us to be able to focus on Him. Then worship can be a place where God’s love can be released. What happens when God’s love is present? It will draw people to Him, because Christ is lifted up (John 12:32).

Father, may we pray for our church's worship service that we may truly worship you. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Praying for the Church


II Thes 3:1

Did you ever think that when you prayed for your church, you should pray for your pastor?

A pastor who has people praying for him to be filled with the Holy Spirit will have the power to preach and touch people with the love of God.

Praying for the church involves praying for your pastor. The Apostle Paul wrote in II Thes 3:1 "Finally, brethren, pray for us". A pastor who has people praying for him to be filled with the Holy Spirit will have the power to preach, minister to, and touch people with the love of God.

Our prayers for our pastor, should be that God's Holy Spirit will fill our pastor with understanding and preach with boldness.

Father, lead people to pray for our pastors and bring them together in agreement. Then fill our pastors with Your Holy Spirit that they may preach the gospel with love and the power of God. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

Guard Your Heart


Ps 62:8

Do you keep things in and don't tell others?

They may be many reasons for doing so. We don't want to appear as a complainer or we never want to hurt another, or there's more in the list that we could spell out. The truth is that what we often hold in is often a hurt. That hurt can turn into bitterness. (see Heb 12:15) Bitterness can be deadly and defile us.

What can we do. We have many examples given to us in the Psalms when David poured out his heart. Ps 62:8 encourages us to "Trust in Him at all times, ye people; Pour out your heart before Him.

When you pour out your heart to the Lord, you are no longer hiding things in your heart. You are learning to turn things over to God. That action can stop bitterness from forming.

Father, encourage us to pour out our hearts to the Lord. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

Prayer for Pastors


Jer 15

Did you ever count the number of hats a pastor wears?

A pastor wears many hats. The hat which is probably seen the most is his service to the congregation. To serve his congregation a pastor needs to grow spiritually and in his ability to lead. The job of a pastor requires a pastor’s heart. (See Jer:15) In addition he needs to be able to equip his congregation to serve, and he also needs to be a praying pastor.

To do this, your pastor needs your prayers and encouragement. Prayer for our pastors gives them protection, understanding, and empowers them in serving God. It is so important to pray for them

Father, help us to daily lift our pastor and his ministry to our church congregation in prayer. In Jesus’ Name, amen.