Wednesday, January 29, 2014

PM#0343 Unforgiveness is a Deadly Poison - Forgive!

Unforgiveness is a Deadly Poison  -  Forgive
Matt 6:14

Did you know unforgiveness can be a deadly poison?

When unforgiveness is spread all over, it is like a deadly herbicide that kills the roots of trees.

A similar thing can happen when we do not forgive.  Bitterness creeps in and the love and life that was in our hearts withers away and our hearts can become as stone devoid of love.

How do we remove this poison?  In Matt 6:14, Christ instructed us to forgive.   If  there is bitterness in your heart, why not ask the Lord to help you to forgive.  Then take that action and forgive both the other person and yourself.  This forgiveness can bring life again into your heart.

Father, help us to forgive where there is deep bitterness and may that forgiveness allow life and love to enter our hearts again.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Reflection Questions:

How many times do we just brush something off, and forget about it, rather than dealing with the item and really forgiving?  

That is like sweeping something under the rug.—Yes, probably all have done that at one time or another, but we should consider that when the Lord shows us what we did—to ask His forgiveness, and to forgive the offense that did occur.

Why are we so afraid to forgive? 

Perhaps someone may wish to share how forgiveness has brought life back to them again.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

PM#0050 Seven Times Seventy

Seven times Seventy
Matt 18: 21-22

What do you do if someone continually offends you?  When someone continually offends you, you have a difficult situation.  The answer is found in Matt 18: 21 & 22.  Jesus said to forgive seven times seventy.  That in essence means that we must continually forgive.  I know that it does not seem fair to forgive when we are the one hurt.  However, this is God’s higher way. God wants to work in our lives and unforgiveness blocks the work of God and our prayers.  Forgiveness from the heart allows God to work. 

Father, it is difficult to continually forgive when we are continually hurt.  Please help us forgive from the heart.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

Reflection Questions:

Why is a personal hurt so hard to release—even if we go through the words saying—‘I forgive you’?

If we experienced forgiveness of our sins because of Christ’s work on Calvary—why is it hard to forgive others?  Are we holding on to something we shouldn’t by just going through the motions or words saying ‘I forgive’ but not releasing it from the heart?

Maybe some of you could share how complete forgiveness has affected you and you actions with others?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

PM#0030 Misunderstanding, Forgiveness, Blessing

Misunderstanding, Forgiveness, Blessing

Have you ever had a misunderstanding where you honestly understood one thing that someone said, but the other party was adamant that they had said something else?  That stirs up a lot of emotion, especially when the other party does not give you some measure of grace and understanding.  How do you deal with this when your emotions are flared up?  Christ said to forgive.  But when have been wronged, it is hard to settle down and forgive. To obey Christ we must take this step.  We must forgive.  When we do it, forgiveness will help us settle down, and then we can ask a blessing for the other party once we forgive them.  Here is an idea of a blessing that could be prayed:  That the Lord will bless them with the knowledge of His grace and fullness of His love. 

Father, many of us have wronged us in the past.  Help us to forgive them and ask Your blessing for them.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Reflection Questions:

Why does misunderstanding cause a flare up of emotion?

What does forgiveness have to do in settling emotions?

What happens when we bless others after we forgive them?