Saturday, August 20, 2011

PM#0461 Following Instructions Proverbs (seeking wisdom)

How many times do we try and do something with out instructions? If it is putting something together, this to men— may be a challenge that many may try before they read the instructions.  However in reality, things usually, I say again usually, go better when we follow instructions.

Instructions are like wisdom. The Bible encourages us throughout the book of Proverbs, to seek wisdom.

How do we do this? The best way is to search the scriptures, and ask God through prayer to help us understand them. God is the one who knows how to apply His word to our situation and will lead us to His instructions to us if we search for it.

Consider a prayer like this: ‘Lord, I need your help. Anything I do on my own is not working. Please show me through your word, your directions. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.