Sunday, December 6, 2009

PM#0384 A Relationship with the Lord James 4:8

Have you every realized the importance of your spouse having a close relationship with the Lord?

Most of us know that all who call themselves Christians should have a relationship with Jesus, but do not realize how close it can be and what that closeness can do for our spouse. As we draw closer to the Lord, He draws closer to us. James 4:8. When that happens, we experience a fresh outlook on what love really should be. That love is a love that reflects God’s love. It is a love that gives us purpose.

I for one want that for my spouse, and it can be a reality if we continually ask the Lord that our spouse will draw close to you. Perhaps we should consider a prayer like this:

Father, May our spouse’s relationship will grow so close to You, Lord, that their desires will be lifted into your purposes. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

PM#0385 Giving Thanksgiving to God Luke 17:12-27, Phil 4:6-7

Did you know that the Lord is looking for people who will give Him thanks?

In the Bible, we have the story of 10 men were healed of leprosy – a dreaded disease. Only one came back and said ‘Thank You’ to Jesus. The Bible records Jesus asking about the other men—where are they? This is found in Luke 17:12-27. God gave these men a blessing. When He gives a blessing, we should show our gratefulness to Him through being thankful.

Unfortunately, many of us are like the 9 who did not give thanks. With this mindset, it takes major adjustment to change, but I believe as we do, that thankfulness that we give to God will bring His peace and blessing. (Phil 4:6-7)

So why not ask the Lord in prayer to help you be even more thankful.

Reflection Questions:

Take a Minute and listen to the attached 'Prayer Minute', then take a moment and consider the following Reflection Questions:
How do you feel when you help someone, and no one thanks you?  Does that help you understand how Christ felt?
The following is provided to help us think--and some might want to also provide a response to its questions--those responses can encourage and help others:
What are some issues that keep us from being thankful?  Let’s consider how we respond to others.  Our responses to others may reflect why our heart is not thankful.   Did someone do something that was just “expected”?  Do we think they did something “out of a motive”? There may be other reasons for our not giving thanks.  Are they real reasons, or a judgment that actually keeps us from being thankful?  How do these responses reflect on our heart attitude, and ultimately whether we give thanks to God for what He has done for us?

PM#0386 Dry Bones Ez 37:4-6

Have you ever heard of dry bones getting flesh again? This is spoken of in Ez 37:4-6.

Flesh being restored to dry bones seems impossible, but God says it will happen. Now if that can happen, are there other things that can be restored? The answer is Yes.
Restoration can occur where there is forgiveness and grace which are acts of love which restore.

There is a story of a man who was a ruler and very cruel to many people. It caused many people to be discouraged and give up hope.
One day this man found forgiveness and grace from Jesus, which completely changed him and led him to a life of helping others, and that change in him brought new flesh not only to his dry bones but to others who had given up hope.

When all hope seems to have dried up, consider this prayer: Father, hope has dried up. We need restoration to again have hope. Please send forgiveness and grace. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

PM#0387 Praying for Your Job

Have you been on a job and did not know how you could impact your work environment for Christ? Consider the following testimony:

Everything changed when I started working at my job as if I were working for God. My boss and most of my fellow employees were not Christians. In fact, most people were very hostile toward Christians in the workplace. In spite of that I decided to use my God-given spiritual gifts to help people at work instead of complaining. I started praying and interceding for the company I worked for, and we started seeing dramatic results. I would get words of knowledge or ideas that could help us and shared them as "ideas I got while praying.” The owner began to attribute my prayers with the company's success.

Prayer can make a difference in our work place.
Father, help us to continually pray for our jobs, and co-workers. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.